Videolar's history starts when Lirio Parisotto, founder and president of the company, discovers VCR (Video Cassete Recorder) visiting a store in New York. There were all kinds of tapes, recorded and blank ones, besides cameras. The possibility of owning a VCR meant not only watching movies at home but also recording movies and images over and over again.

In 1980, he starts Audiolar in Caxias do Sul and creates the first rental store in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, where used equipments were accepted as a down payment for new ones. Five years later, Lirio Parisotto visited Sony laboratories in Tokio, which were responsible for cassette tapes recording at that time. Magnetic media is being reel at the exact running time of the movie, without any waste. Returning to Brazil, the businessman introduced a project to CONCINE (Brazilian's National Film Board) to put the idea in place here.

In 1987, Brazil was facing a major economic crisis, severely affecting all industries. Dozens of companies went to chapter 11 and products is being sold below its cash cost price. Domestic market was polarized by blank media manufacturers and recording companies which only used predetermined running time tapes (120 or 160 minutes). Audiolar was sold.

Lirio Parisotto, inspired by his experience in Tokyo, starts Videolar on June 30th, 1988 manufacturing and recording tapes with exact running time of the movie. A unique initiative happens in the South of the country, just one thousand kilometers away from the major consumption center, Sao Paulo.

In 1990, Videolar moved its laboratory and the most important employees to Sao Paulo also starting a full subsidiary in Manaus, where blank tape manufacturing industries were at that  time.

From then on, company starts its rapid growth. New products launched every year and too many consolidations with its competitors were take in place. Videolar starts to act in a universe that comes from the Polystyrene and raw material manufacturing to delivering of recorded media (video cassette tapes, DVDs and CDs) at the customer's door. A distribution center is built in Manaus, with 12,000 square meters and 15,000 SKU´s.

In 2005, Videolar acquires Somlivre.com and starts a dot com operation selling its products directly to end users, a www.videolar.com.
After three years, Videolar expands its blank media operations and adds memory cards and flash drives products to the media portfolio.

Finally, company moves on a new business orientation which is manufacturing of raw materials for packaging, with specific potential in the food and health care industries. A BOPP, PP Cast, PP Caps, PP and PS sheets production lines just started. Videolar.com is shutted down while recorded media operation is transferred to its new subsidiary AMZ Mídia Industrial, a company that was born through Microservice merging.


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